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Who are we?

The Peace Team began with a divine vision and the unity of three, hearts, minds and souls. Two daughters of the Almighty King walk alongside a faithful and determined mother to lead this mission of PEACE from the heart of God to the whole wide world, in strength, courage and truth. We have been gifted with the passion and means to bring to you the locally designed and exquisitely handcrafted shoes, bags and more. The proudly South African sourced and hand-made products bring a taste of our quality and deeper message of peace and truth. 

We introduce to you our brand-new Christ-centred lifestyle brand, PEACE.  We as a family are focused on spreading the good news of Jesus Christ and crossing many roads with our brothers and sisters, to walk with them on this divine mission.  Life for believers require us to focus on one united promised destination, let us journey there together in PEACE.

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