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My Mini Testimonial

Our little brand new leather PEACE Brand is here and available to all. I got my first two pairs of PEACE sandals and a tan leather sling bag. I could not be feeling more set and trendy for the holiday season and I know that I chose the right brand to support with the right cause and honest quality. We are so so so excited to share our handcrafted and specially designed leather products, pages, and website with you for some raw retail therapy, gift-giving, and lasting lifetime products It is truly special and rewarding to own any PEACE product and we commit to maintain a relationship with you forever after your first purchase. Resoling and repairs come free and we are reviewing and renewing our designs with each season. All of our proceeds are also divided up and portioned to fund free natural health and healing, as well as to extend the life-giving Word of God to the world through the church of Jesus Christ.

Please follow us on Instagram and Facebook to find your PEACE or feel free to take a look at our online catalog on our website: WWW.PEACEBRAND.ONLINE

Support the cause, support local Get so much more back when you get PEACE!


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